Let’s Get This Party Started

On Tuesday, I awoke and started my day out like usual. I showered, made my tea and then started to get dressed for the day. I was feeling a bit “fluffy,” as Gwen would say, so I decided to wear one of my nice, loose fitting shirts to hide it. While I was getting ready I noticed two large tears in the front of it.

While going through my closet and trying on different blouses, I got frustrated and broke down. My body is more of an hourglass figure so it’s hard to find shirts that fit me and actually make me feel confident. Every shirt I tried on made me look like a busted can of biscuits. After the fifth shirt, I got frustrated, threw it across my studio apartment and irritatingly told my boyfriend, “I need to fucking lose weight,” followed by me breaking down and crying.

I’ve known for the past few months month that I’ve wanted to start losing weight; I just wasn’t sure where to start. Being a student, I barely make enough money to pay my bills, so when it comes to groceries, I’m lucky if I have $40 for the next two weeks. Finding healthy food that will last two weeks on that budget is nearly impossible.

On top of that – my boyfriend, Austin, LOVES eating fast food and junk food. He’s the type of guy who will eat frozen burritos, McDonald’s and tacos for every meal if he could. I told him last week that I want to get serious about losing weight and he supported my decision and agreed to start being healthier with me.

On Saturday, I took my first step and asked Austin to start the 30-Day Ab Challenge with me and to my surprise, he agreed. We are now on day #7 and I couldn’t be more proud of him and myself. We’ve stuck to it so far and I’m sure we can make it through day 30!

I’m so happy that Gwen gave me the opportunity to be a part of this blog with you lovely ladies because I believe it will help me stick to my goals and keep me on a path to a happier, healthier me!


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