10 Tips for Eating Healthy While Dining Out

1. Try to avoid pasta dishes.

It’s always a good idea to substitute noodles for veggies every chance you get! Instead of chicken penne, opt for the chicken and veggie stir fry.

2. Forget “fried” is an option.

Make sure to order your poultry to be prepared the following ways: steamed; poached; roasted; broiled; boiled; grilled; or baked. Don’t be afraid to request that a fried dish be modified to fit your needs. As for red meats, be sure you choose lean cuts like loin or flank. Cut away visible fats from meats and poultry.

3. Avoid these words like the plague:

Cream sauces; butter; oil; au gratin; breaded; Alfredo; battered or batter-dipped and gravy.

4. Be one step ahead of the game!

Don’t be tempted to clean your plate. You can feel free to ask the server to wrap up half your meal before you start eating.

5. Be armed and ready!

See if your favorite restaurants will fax you take out menus. File them away and be sure to underline all the options you are allowed to include in you diet. This way you are ready when your lunch hour arrives!

6. Stay away from the buffet!

Buffets are a sure fire way to encourage a binge session. Just don’t put yourself through this.

7. Eat several smaller meals throughout the day.

It is far better to eat smaller more frequent meals than to only eat three times a day. A few reasons why more meals are better; it speeds up your metabolism, you’re less likely to binge come meal time, it boosts the thermal effect of food, you can likely to avoid the dreaded hunger pangs.

8. Don’t “save up” for dining out.

If you skimp out on calories all day so you can go out for dinner, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Chances are likely you will end up over-eating because you have allowed yourself to grow so hungry.

9. Order first.

If you place your healthy order first, you can avoid the temptation of your fellow diners when they order onion rings!

10. Hold the bread.

If you know your salad comes with a roll, request that they leave it out. This way you will avoid the temptation entirely.


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