About G2L

Gaining 2 Lose came into being over a meal of over-priced salad and under mixed drinks. Probably not the answer you were expecting, but it’s the truth. Since honesty is the best policy, let’s begin by telling you what the blog is NOT.

  • This ain’t yo’ Mama’s blog.
    • We’re modern ladies who like microbrews, swearing, Netflix, and deep fried anything. Don’t get it twisted… we can class-it-up like the best of them. But, we’re not perfect. We’re good with that.
  • This isn’t about telling others what they should do, how they should dress, what to eat, etc.
    • The goal, is not to tell anyone how to live their lives. Instead, we wanted to share real stories of very different weight loss journeys with each other and whoever else might be our there. There will no doubt be tales of half marathon triumph along with confessions about late night pizza binges.
  • Shit is about to get real. Like we mentioned above… profanity is allowed.
    • Swimsuit season is coming, trips are being planned, and some of us are getting dangerously close to forty-years-old. Now is the time to quit talking about what we wish was different about our bodies and start doing something about it.

How are we going to Gain to Lose?

We’ve identifies three area which we intend to focus on in order to achieve our personal, unique goals. BEING, EATING, and MOVING.

    • We recognize the importance of being comfortable, confident, accepting of and in our bodies. We promise to be more kind to ourselves. This also means, prioritizing our lives, our work, and other commitments in order to make time for self-care in order to be our best selves.
    • We get it… Junk food=BAD. Rabbit food=GOOD. We know we should eat healthy. We also know that going cold turkey on everything fun in life is a recipe for failure. Yes, we are challenging ourselves to make healthier choices. But, we also want to learn how to still enjoy our guilty pleasures (in moderation) without beating ourselves up about it.
    • Again… Duh. That said, sometimes a House of Cards marathon just seems like a better option than running 3 miles. We recognize we need to be active and are looking to motivate and sometimes help each other. But, we’re also not giving up our Netflix subscriptions anytime soon.

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