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As a graphic designer, author, artist, and marketing professional, I have been working a desk job for 13 years now. While my mind and creativity is consistently engaged, stretched and exercised… my body is pretty much shackled to a desk. This has resulted in a spectacular case of what I call “Secretary Ass.” Years of sedentary work has transformed my body into something that looks more like a busted can of biscuits instead of human body. Though, I am grateful for such inventions as stretch denim, leggings, and the tunic craze as clever cloaking devices – If I am being honest with myself, I am far from happy with my current body. I believe that the unhappiness I feel towards myself is affecting the other aspects of my life and it is time to get a handle on it. It’s time to find myself again!

Why do I want to lose weight?
I want to lose weight for a number of reasons.

  1. I would like to be able to wear shorts without looking like a speed skater minus the muscle tone.
  2. I would like to be able to go to the beach and not be afraid someone will report me as a beached whale to Greenpeace.
  3. I would like to be able to wear all the fabulous clothes I save to Pinterest without looking like I’m 6 months pregnant.
  4. Most importantly, I would like to feel and look healthy again.

I spent the better part of a long while battling a slew of reproductive issues that caused me not only physical pain but a loss of control over my body and subsequently, my weight. My medical issues culminated over a year ago when at the age of 35 I had a hysterectomy. Never married, and now with no possibility of having children of my own, I embarked on a year of eating and drinking my feelings. Not the smartest choice I know. But, a choice I made non-the-less.

It is time for me to put down the fork and pick myself up. I’m not trying to become a cover model. I’m certainly not expecting to become a fitness poster child. I’m doing this for me. I want to be healthy, happy, and comfortable in my own skin.

What do I hope to gain?
I am not looking to get back to “who I was.” I am interested in being the best version of myself now so that I can become “who I’m meant to be.”

  1. I hope to gain confidence.
  2. I want to not shy away from having my photo taken.
  3. I want to stop feeling the urge to Photoshop every un-authorized photo.
  4. I want to wear a swimsuit and not be embarrassed.
  5. I hope to gain insight into myself and what factors got me here, so I don’t repeat the same mistakes.

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