About ILB_BeginningStats
My name is Laurie, and I like drugs. I also hope you do, because frankly I could use the job security. I met Gwen (the spiritual guide for our fitness team, and the yoda to my young Jedi when it comes to writing) several years ago through a man I was dating at the time. I broke up with him, but was allowed to keep Gwen as a friend in the seperation settlement . He got the cat; I clearly got the better deal!!

I am passionate about traveling, and I go as often as my credit cards let me. I love writing, reading, horses, and spending time in the great outdoors!

I am native to Minnesota – and despite the humidity, mosquitos, Fargo-esque accents, and freezing cold temperatures, I loved growing up there! I spent most of my life in the hockey state, but after graduating from the MN College of Pharmacy I headed west for a residency in Missoula. I loved the people, the hospital I worked at, and the adventures afforded by living this close to the mountains. With a few exceptions involving attractive but desperately hopeless men, I had a very happy lifestyle which revolved around drinking, dating, and traveling. Four years ago I realized my lifestyle was not sustainable (exciting and full of adventure!… But not sustainable) and I decided to grow up. I took a more challenging position at a large hospital in MN and moved back to reconnect with old friends and my crazy family. In case you were wondering, German Catholic people from rural MN are an awesome, tight-knit, carb eating, baseball loving, beer drinking bunch! They are also prolific, as evidenced by my 60 first cousins… Never do I feel more like I belong than in MN in the summertime. Those folks are my tribe. Their warm and generous natures coupled with their love of cooking with flour, lard, and sugar really set the stage for why I need health related goals. If I get sent home with any more bars and cookies I am going to start using cholesterol medication as sprinkles!

After I moved home, I eventually convinced by boyfriend of six months to take the plunge and be my live-in man in the Midwest. He was less impressed with the mosquitos, humidity, and a relative around every corner. After three years he convinced me that the benefits of MT were plentiful and we should make a life back in the mountains. I missed so many things about Montana and I was ready for another adventure. So here we are in Missoula – going to breweries, hiking with the dog, considering buying a Subaru, all the usual stuff.

Why do I want to lose weight?
I joined this little experiment because I have been struggling for most of my adolescent and all of my adult life with the same things that I think most women have. There are several reasons I would like to lose weight…

I want to lose weight to feel good in my skin again. I don’t have a lot of moments where I don’t like myself – but when I do they either involve something I said while under the influence of whiskey, or they are moments when I look down after having a stressful day and see my ever-widening body and despair that I will never feel healthy again. My drunken moments of uncalled-for honesty have decreased, and I think it is time to focus on the exterior. Your body doesn’t define you – but feelings that my body is no longer my own do get carted around with me. I am tired of their weight.

Last fall I started hiking with my dog – my fur baby. I immediately grew concerned for her joints after watching her run and jump with a few extra pounds and I started adjusting her diet. I realized recently that I wasn’t paying attention to what stress MY joints were under carrying these twenty extra pounds. I feel as though this also transfers to high heeled shoes. If I drop the weight, I assume stilettos will hurt less because there will be less weight on them. If not, meh, at least I will look better in my flats!

Finally, I signed up for a half marathon. This sounds more ridiculous the more I say it. No, I am not a runner. No, I have never run an organized race. No, the entry fee is not refundable. I have heard losing 10 pounds takes 30 seconds off of each mile. I NEED those 30 seconds or they will probably shut down the operation before I can finish. I will be at mile 6 faking an injury if I don’t lighten up this bod!

What do I hope to gain?
I want a healthy relationship with food. An understanding that trying to be healthy isn’t a goal with a time limit. A ‘diet’ can do things for you, but you need to really want the health benefits for your body, not just to look good in a dress, because eventually the dress comes off. I want a realistic, positive, supportive group to discuss fitness, health, nutrition,  relationships, stresses, breakdowns, failures, And how all of these directly affect our choices. Ideally what we choose and how we come together in suport will result in healthy, happy, productive lives for each of us!

I want to be desirable again – and NOT just after I drink myself into a sense of freedom to run naked around the house yelling – “Take me now!” while hoping my manfriend will be in good humor and oblige. I want to wear the red dress and own it. Usually, I can loose 1/2 of an ounce and feel sexy as hell. Keeping myself at a healthy weight would add a much-needed bounce and confidence to my step. And I would run around the house naked in the aforementioned stilettos, which should garner some positive attention!

Confidence, health, faster run times, less stressed joints, a sense of community and support – the usual life altering things 🙂

Bring it on ladies – we got this!